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Team members are working hard to plan and execute the vision for The Cut. Partners are providing critical financial support for the work to take place. Supporters are like-minded advocates helping us navigate steps in our journey.

Red Mountain Cut Team, Partners and Supporters

The Red Mountain Cut Foundation is fortunate to work with an incredible group of civic-minded people and organizations striving to better Birmingham.

Our Team

Our team members are providing critical services involved in the planning, organization and execution of the Red Mountain Cut project.

Our Partners

Our partners provide financial support to the Red Mountain Cut Foundation and the development initiatives planned for the Cut and surrounding neighborhoods. These partners understand the value our economy derives from a talented workforce and the need for quality-of-life investments in the communities where people live, work and play. Financial commitments will be disclosed at a later date.

Our Supporters

Our supporters advocate for the success of the Red Mountain Cut project and the benefits it will offer our city and all who visit. [Note - This listing is not inclusive of all of our supporters! It's just the few who have explicitly contacted us or written a letter of support on their organization's letterhead. If you would like to be identified as a supporter on our site, please contact us.]

Why Partner with Us


For the past 30 years, The Cut has been a neglected community asset. It is a gem waiting to be polished and made into an accessible place of pride for citizens and visitors. As a preview of our vision, the Red Mountain Cut Foundation financed vegetation and debris removal from the vertical walls of the Cut in anticipation of The World Games in the spring of 2022. We want to finish what we started. Through cooperative relationships with ALDOT, county and municipal governments, local neighborhoods, partners and many others, the Foundation aims to carry out the long-term clean-up, redevelopment and maintenance of a Red Mountain Cut Trail.

Quality of Life

This project will help advance Birmingham's smart development by differentiating us as a community where quality of life is what attracts and retains talented families to work, live and call our city home. The Hoover Institution's "Innovative Alabama" report recommended that, "Atlanta's beltline... serves as a passive space for city dwellers to think, wonder, and generally improve their quality of life. Alabama should invest in hallmark infrastructure." Improving the environment in which we live, providing educational opportunity, providing recreating options, providing places & spaces for social interactions and providing healthy transportation options all result in an improved quality of life. And quality of life factors such as these are the primary reasons people chose to work, live and call a community home.

Economic Development

The better the quality of life in our community, the more people will choose to live and work here, which translates directly to a healthy economy. Investing in bicycle & pedestrian infrastructure, outdoor spaces, education and assets that connect and bind our community all help attract and retain a talented workforce, which is fundamental for economic development. "Alabama . . . should invest in amenities that promote strong quality of life in cities and surrounding areas around universities to create an environment in which potential faculty and alumni entrepreneurs will remain and locate their innovate activities." -Innovative Alabama. This investment in hallmark infrastructure will pay economic dividends for decades to come.

Birmingham's Future

Birmingham is humming with energy and excitement. Investments made in UAB's campus, Railroad Park, Rotary Trail, Regions Stadium, Protective Stadium, City Walk, Red Rock Trails and other public assets have contributed to increased investment in residential, hospitality, restaurant and other businesses that have collectively reinvigorated both downtown and the greater Birmingham area. A National Natural Landmark, the Cut is a bridge between Birmingham's downtown and her over-the-mountain communities; it is a gateway to both, traveled by almost 100,000 vehicles per day. Making this central, visible, highly-trafficked corridor an accessible, bike/ped-safe, attractive, educational connection will make a strong statement about Birmingham's future. Continued investment in our city will keep the energy, excitement and positive momentum moving forward.


The construction of the Red Mountain Expressway Cut was regionally supported by state, county and city governments (matched with federal support) to ease transportation problems constraining growth. Built in the 1960's, opened in 1970, this connector for highways 31/280 facilitated the growth of Greater Birmingham, namely the over-the-mountain communities of Mt. Brook, Homewood, Vestavia, Hoover and Shelby County. Originally designed to handle 32,000 cars per day, it now handles over three times that number. Located in the center of the greater Birmingham area, the Cut is a vital piece of our city's history and development over the last 50 years. It's a bridge through Red Mountain, a gateway to our communities north and south and it is a connection for Birmingham that has served many purposes over the years. This project will allow us to connect like never before.


It is said that, "when you summit a mountain, you are exactly halfway home." Similarly, when you build something, you are only halfway done. Thinking long-term, thinking about how we will sustain what we build, requires planning for it in design, governance and financing. The Red Mountain Cut Trail will be designed, engineered and constructed for durability, low-maintenance and low operating costs. Governance will be provided by the 501(c)(3) Foundation's board and staff in cooperation with the community. Financial stability will come from raising an endowment alongside construction capital to ensure what we build is maintained for generations to come.

Want to Partner with Us?

Your financial partnership and support will ensure Birmingham’s future as a high-quality metropolitan area for people to visit, live, work and play. We are currently seeking financial support from private and public sources. Please contact us to learn more.

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