Gateway to the city. Bridge to the future.

The Cut split a mountain, bringing our community together. Connect with us to support a vision that will unite neighbors in the layers and tell stories in the stones. This can be Birmingham’s bridge for all.
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Our Vision for The Red Mountain Cut

The Red Mountain Cut Foundation, an Alabama-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has a vision to create a unifying space everyone in our region can take pride in. We want to connect our communities on both sides of Red Mountain by restoring, improving and preserving this special place for recreation, education and interaction.
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Red Mountain Cut Location

The Red Mountain Cut Foundation has a vision to build a bicycle and pedestrian trail through the Red Mountain Cut as well as supporting bike/ped friendly improvements on 21st Avenue South and 22nd Street South. The transformative improvements would be a part of the Red Rock Trails System connecting the ever-growing network of Jefferson County trails in the Jones Valley, Village Creek and Shades Creek corridors and beyond. Improvements in the Cut will connect the following area assets for pedestrian (all within a 5-20 minute walk radius) and biking recreation and commuting:

  • UAB
  • 5-Points
  • Southtown Court (to be Edge Hill)
  • Highland Avenue
  • English Village
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Birmingham Zoo
  • Downtown Homewood
  • Vulcan Park
  • Rosedale

City Parks

Urban Centers


Upcoming Trails

Walking Routes

Red Mountain Cut Team, Partners and Supporters

The Red Mountain Cut Foundation is fortunate to work with an incredible group of civic-minded people and organizations striving to better Birmingham.

Our Team

Our team members are providing critical services involved in the planning, organization and execution of the Red Mountain Cut project.

Our Partners

Our partners provide financial support to the Red Mountain Cut Foundation and the development initiatives planned for the Cut and surrounding neighborhoods. These partners understand the value our economy derives from a talented workforce and the need for quality-of-life investments in the communities where people live, work and play. Financial commitments will be disclosed at a later date.

Our Supporters

Our supporters advocate for the success of the Red Mountain Cut project and the benefits it will offer our city and all who visit. [Note - This listing is not inclusive of all of our supporters! It's just the few who have explicitly contacted us or written a letter of support on their organization's letterhead. If you would like to be identified as a supporter on our site, please contact us.]

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